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“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” - B.B :D

I wish I could express my feelings without being an asshole… Guess I better stay quiet…:

6 months ago
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Anonymous asked: Nyam nyam nyam

Nyamm Nyamm Nah

10 months ago
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Wow, Baking Can Be Surprisingly Easy! [Comic]



Kacper Chlebowicz of Warsaw, Poland has designed a gaming-themed calendar for 2014 that covers decades of gaming. For each month he highlights a particular franchise or gaming device and accompanies it with a quick fact for you to enjoy (if you can read Polish).

Maybe it’s because of the cherished memories I have of using/playing all these devices and franchises, but I think this is way cooler than the 2013 Club Nintendo Calendar

11 months ago
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